The Importance of CIRT Protocols Today

CIRT protocols (Cyber Intelligence & Response Technology) are extremely necessary aspects of protecting any network from infiltration and information theft. Cyber security and computer forensics have become a big industry, and this is due to the rise of the internet as an omnipotent communication medium for all kinds of commercial processes globally. With the world economy getting knit tighter, and businesses going global even within limited means; incident reporting software helps your network detect malware and virus damage to your security protocols and repair the problems immediately.
The internet is a virtual space that has information of all kinds stored in its infinite corridors. Every day companies exchange information, documents, contracts, and discreet data over the internet. This is why the globalized economy was made possible – fast and effective communication over a common global platform. However, there are always some drawbacks, since nothing is perfect. As it is easy to transfer information from one end of the globe to the other; it is also easy to steal this information when left unprotected, unsecured, or under weak security protocols – if you really know what to do.
Your personal communications and home computer is secure enough with a strong antivirus, since hackers and crackers do not really concern themselves with personal computers as such. Large company networks, government internet servers, and corporate virtual drives are the real target. Here, an anti virus program is not nearly enough to keep the infiltrators at bay – the scale of the problem is simply too massive. An incident reporting software (often known as a ‘runner’) is needed to detect problems early, and make a quick diagnosis of the problem. This makes it easier for the core security program to eliminate a threat and register the weakness in the system for future protection.
Keeping information safe is an important part of global business and internet based commerce. This is why companies spend millions of dollars every month to further secure their networks and keep their firewalls high and tight. Hackers are software geniuses of their own rights, and constantly upgrade their methods of infiltration. Incident reporting software along with cyber security and computer forensics tools help keep your networks safe from threats, and keep your business protected from infiltration, and information theft that could do a lot of harm to your interests as a global business house.

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