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HTeT’s new cyber security software, CIRT (Cyber Intelligence and Response Technology), is the first product to integrate large-scale data auditing, network-based analysis and host-based analysis into a single, easy-to-use interface. CIRT enables government and commercial organizations to effectively address data spillage, external threats and internal threats, providing the most comprehensive view into critical data. AD Enterprise network forensics software takes network-enabled digital investigations to the next level. Built on our industry-standard, court-validated Forensic Toolkit® technology, AD Enterprise delivers state-of-the-art incident response capabilities, deep dive analysis of both volatile and static data, as well as superior threat detection capabilities – all within an easy-to-use interface. Preview, search, acquire and analyze multiple machines across the enterprise with the most advanced computer forensics and incident response technology on the market. SilentRunner® operates like a network surveillance camera, enabling you to answer the difficult question of “What happened?” in the aftermath of a network security incident. Tackle the complicated tasks of capturing, analyzing and visualizing network data with this passive network monitoring solution that visualizes network activity by creating a dynamic picture of communication flows. Enhance incident response by swiftly uncovering break-in attempts, weaknesses, abnormal usage, policy violations and misuse, and anomalies — before, during and after an incident.


We provide best Incident Response software like CIRT, Ad Enterprise and SilentRunner which are reliable and efficient incidence response cyber security software for computer and network forensic investigation.

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