AD Enterprise

Enterprise-class Investigation and Incident Response

AccessData® Enterprise takes network-enabled digital investigations to the next level. Built on our industry-standard, court-accepted Forensic Toolkit® technology, AD Enterprise delivers state-of-the-art incident response and deep dive analysis of both volatile and static data. An intuitive incident response console, secure batch remediation, unsurpassed searching and filtering, and comprehensive logging and reporting are just a few of the reasons AD Enterprise is the investigative tool of choice among government agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

The ability to forensically analyze multiple computers across your enterprise simultaneously is critical when performing root cause analysis and internal investigations. Furthermore, proactive use of this technology allows you to detect threats that have circumvented the typical signature-based tools, such as antivirus, intrusion detection and other alerting systems.

Product Features

The Most Comprehensive and Efficient Enterprise-class Computer Forensics Software
  • AD Enterprise delivers the same extensive analysis capabilities of FTK 4.
  • Distributed processing allows you to forensically process massive amounts of data in hours instead of days.
  • The industry’s first one-click acquisition of hard drives, RAM and volatile data.
  • Automated Batch Acquisition of devices and RAM to streamline large, multi-node evidence collections.
  • Thorough data capture includes individual files, deleted files, unallocated space and logical volumes.
  • Easy-to-use data processing wizard that automatically categorizes, indexes and exposes data.
  • Market-leading decryption, password recovery and cracking technology.
A Secure Network Forensics Software Solution and FIPS 140-2 Certified
  • To ensure that inter-component communication is secure, and that only authorized entities can communicate with the Agent, industry-standard x509 certificates and a FIPS 140-2 certified SSL encryption engine are leveraged.
  • Control access by defining on a user basis which type of investigative operation can be performed and on which nodes (i.e. RAM capture, device acquisition, remediation, etc.).
  • Track all administrative operations, such as user creation and modification, role creation and modification, and all network tree modifications.
  • Keep detailed logs, on a user basis, of investigative operations, such as RAM acquisition, device imaging, volatile data capture, device previewing, device search and file copying.
Powerful Incident Response Software, Including Deep Analysis of All Live Processes
  • The ONLY commercial enterprise investigations solution to enable the analysis of volatile memory on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems.
  • Advanced agent-side search and analysis of live memory on Windows machines across the enterprise.
  • Correlate static forensic data and volatile incident response data within the same interface.
  • Incident response console enables rapid review and analysis of key volatile data elements in an easy-to-use format with “360-degree” views of data across machines and across time.
  • Integrated analysis and forensic collection of network shares.
  • Right click process kill during an IR investigation.
  • GUI-integrated, secure remediation.
    • Right-click process kill during.
    • Batch Remediation allows authorized personnel to automatically remediate threats on multiple machines at the same time, which is critical to preventing widespread damage due to fast-proliferating threats.
Ease of Use, Stability and Process-oriented Workflow
  • Conduct secure digital investigations on multiple machines across your network from a central location.
  • Web-based management server enforces granular role-based cyber security.
  • Rich, wizard-driven reporting on static and volatile data, making it easy to share information and generate meaningful reports.
  • Agent Resource and Bandwidth Throttling allows you to define low, medium and high to determine how much CPU and bandwidth is used during investigative operations, where low is super stealth and high is for speed.
  • Users are not confined to proprietary technology: AD Enterprise supports EnCase evidence files, AD evidence files, DD and more. In addition, there is no need to learn a proprietary scripting language. All functionality is in the GUI.
  • Oracle database backend allows you to handle massive data sets, delivering case management, metadata storage and robust data manipulation capabilities.
  • True Auto Save/Recovery functionality in the event of a failure.
  • Forensically sound and court-validated technology.
  • The HTeT Intelligent Agent is modular, meaning you do not have to uninstall and reinstall a new agent when you upgrade functionality.


AD-Enterprise is an incident management software tool for your network. It is very secured network forensic software also applicable as a network investigation tool for incident management in various Government and private organizations.

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