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Reducing caseload through Distributed Processing and Collaborative Analysis

Computer Forensics Software Solutions to Ease the Burden on Labs Everywhere.

AccessData® enables computer forensics labs of all sizes, facing an array of challenges, to work more effectively. A single-person lab can radically speed up the processing of cases with the four-worker distributed processing available with FTK. Computer forensics labs handling a greater number of cases with larger data sets benefit significantly from the distributed processing and collaborative analysis capabilities found in FTK Pro. Finally, large labs handling massive data sets, utilizing a distributed workforce, or looking to collaborate with lawyers, HR personnel and other non-forensic parties can step up to AccessData Lab. AD Lab adds powerful and intuitive web-based review functionality, expanded distributed processing capabilities with a centralized processing farm, and a centralized database infrastructure. Regardless of the size, scope or mission of your computer forensics lab, AccessData has a solution that will meet your needs.

Which Computer Forensics Solution is Right for You?

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A Secure Computer Forensics Lab Solution
  • Electronic evidence can be fully secured at the case or file level.
  • Granular role-based administration allows administrators to assign users to a given case or set of data within a case.
  • Users can be restricted by feature, so only qualified users can access more advanced functions.
  • Centralized logging ensures accountability.
  • Active Directory integration for authentication.
  • Web browser can use SSL for secure communication.
Ease of Use and Efficiency
  • Leverage a shared, distributed processing farm to process massive data sets in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional computer forensics tools.
    • Distributed processing obviously requires powerful hardware and networking technology. Processing evidence is disk IO intensive and requires fast drives. In addition, the machine that runs the processing manager must be the fastest computer (CPU) speed in the processing group. Finally, you will need the fastest networking technology available to you. For details on configuring distributed processing, please see the following documents. Lab customers receive configuration assistance from our engineering team to ensure optimized functionality.
      • Configuring distributed processing with FTK 4
      • FTK System Specifications Guide
  • User-friendly web interface enables true native review without having to convert to HTML or image format.
    • Users determine UI language, including English, French, German, Spanish, and more, to ensure maximum accuracy and ease-of-use.
  • Easily overcome the bandwidth constraints of distributed labs with centralized or distributed databases and web-based analysis, enabling efficient sharing of workload.
  • Email discussion threads.
  • Integrates with FTK®, AD Enterprise and AD eDiscovery to streamline investigations for law enforcement, government and corporate labs.
  • Fully leverage the cutting-edge analysis capabilities of Forensic Toolkit® computer forensics software.
Manage Multiple Cases and Examiners
  • Multiple examiners share a centralized database for collaboration and review.
  • Centralized processing, indexing and data storage, with the ability to queue jobs into the distributed processing farm.
  • Simultaneous collaboration between Web reviewers and FTK forensic analysts.


Ad-Lab is a forensic software solution offered by HTePL. Ad- Lab is an efficient and reliable AccessData software solution to ease the burden on labs facing an array of challenges and to meet your needs regarding AccessData security.

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