Mobile Phone Examiner Plus (MPE+)

MPE+ Mobile Forensics Software Supports 3500+ Devices, Including iPhone®, iPad®, Android ™ and Blackberry® Products

MPE+ is a stand-alone mobile forensics software solution that is also available on a preconfigured touch-screen tablet for on-scene mobile forensics triage. Mobile Phone Examiner Plus® integrates seamlessly with Forensic Toolkit® (FTK®) computer forensics software, allowing you correlate evidence from multiple mobile devices with evidence from multiple computers within a single interface.
With support for more than 3500 cell phones and mobile devices, including iOS®, Android®, Blackberry® and Windows Mobile™ devices, MPE+ enables examiners to perform advanced mobile device investigations without having to purchase an overpriced suite of modules. Plus its integration with FTK and the low profile tablet option make it the intelligent choice for mobile forensics examiners looking to upgrade their capabilities.

NOTE: MPE can be purchased with a SIM reader and phone cables. Cable updates are shipped to those who maintain SMS.


The MPE+ Tablet is a sleek touch tablet that comes preconfigured with MPE+ software. It makes in-depth mobile phone data immediately available during on-scene cell phone investigations, saving time for the examiner back at the lab. Using MPE+ you can bypass locked handsets, preview extracted data and safely create forensic images.


MPE+ Investigator is a free version of MPE+ that allows you to review collected images from MPE+. MPE+ Investigator allows collections be reviewed by those not experienced with mobile device examinations. It’s a small download that doesn’t require a Codemeter or license to operate.


Mobile Phone Examiner Plus Cell Phone Forensics Software
  • Supports more than 3500 phones.
  • Physical and logical acquisition of iPhone® (both CDMA and GSM), iPad® and iPod Touch®, without jail breaking the iOS® device.
  • Acquire physical and logical data simultaneously, without the need for iTunes®.
  • Logical viewing and image acquisition of Android™, Windows Mobile® and Blackberry® devices to include device file systems.
  • Full user data extraction from rooted Android® devices.
  • On-the-fly decryption of the operating system and logical data on iOS devices.
  • SIM and USIM support, with Forensic SIM cloner to allow phone processing without altering data.
  • Carve data for embedded phone-specific data.
  • File systems on supported phones are immediately viewable and can be parsed in MPE+ to locate lock code, EXIF and any data contained in the mobile phone’s file system.
  • Extracted data is stored in AD1 forensic container.
  • AD1s can be imported back into MPE+ to view data as if the device is connected.
  • New and improved cable kit is also available.
MPE+ Tablet (Touch Tablet Preconfigured with MPE+ Software)
  • Instant on-site triage.
  • Anti-glare screen.
  • Multi-touch 10.1? capacitive screen.
  • Intel ATOM dual core processor
  • 2Gb DDR3 SDRAM.
  • 16Gb SATA solid-state drive.
  • 16Gb 3.0 MPE+ Tablet flash drive.
  • SD card slot.
  • Ethernet adapter.
  • Windows Standard 7 embedded x64.
  • 3-core Li-Ion battery with input adapter.
  • RF options: Bluetooth v2.1, WLAN – Intel Wi-Fi link 5100 802.11 a/b/g/n.


HTePL’s provides Mobile-phone-examiner plus which is latest and well equipped forensic software. Which is also available with tablet for better field investigation and speedy analysis. MPE + is portable forensics software. It is the best solution for agencies looking for mobile phone forensics tools.

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